<strong>Open a Dutch company with the help of Intercompany Solutions </strong>

    Open a Dutch company with the help of Intercompany Solutions

    Do you want to incorporate your Dutch business quickly and provide all-in service? Then think about opening a Dutch company, incorporated by Intercompany Solutions. Within three days you can provide from all advantages of opening a Dutch company brings you, without even coming over to The Netherlands. Opening a Dutch company formation can be done remotely if you wish. We only need several documents for the formation and opening your Dutch company, with all documents handled in both Dutch and English. We would like to give you more information about everything you need to know to open a Dutch company, so you know exactly what advantages it brings and what you have to do to incorporate your business in The Netherlands.

    Opening a Dutch company gives you a lot of advantages

    Opening a Dutch company can save you a lot of money when you deliver goods and services in The Netherlands. The Netherlands has a 20 percent income tax up to 200.000 euros profit a year, everything above that is taxed at 25 percent. The Netherlands also has a 21 percent VAT rate on goods and services delivered in The Netherlands. Between European countries, goods and services may be offered at a 0 percent VAT rate. Corporations with a VAT number may claim back the VAT. By opening a Dutch company, you can provide from this advantage. You can optimize your global tax rates with opening a Dutch company. This is primarily because of the interesting regulations and tax benefits for international companies. Opening a Dutch company has more opportunities for your business:

    • 20 percent corporate tax, which is one of the lowest tax rates in Europe.
    • 0 percent VAT for business between EU member states
    • High-tech infrastructure
    • Leading world banks (ING bank, ABN Amro, Rabobank)
    • Possibility of business immigration
    • Remote formation of a business is possible

    For opening a Dutch company, all you need to do is choose which type of company you’re opening. You can choose between a Dutch BV (limited company), a Dutch foundation, a Dutch NV company, General partnership, Professional partnership or Dutch Limited partnership. For more information, please go to intercompanysolutions.com. Here you can find a description of all companies and the required documents for the formation. We can do your formation remotely or when you’re in The Netherlands. Some formations can’t be done remotely, because the director or a shareholder has to be at the notary to sign all documents. We will inform you about the possibilities before we start with the cooperation of your business. Within three days you can provide from all advantages a Dutch company gives you and you can start your business in The Netherlands.

    Contact us for more information

    Intercompany Solutions is your specialist in starting a business in the Netherlands. Thanks to our expertise and large network, we can ensure that you benefit from all the advantages a Dutch company brings within three days. Intercompany Solutions is an innovative provider of corporate services. With our offices and partners in the Netherlands and through Europe, our company is inherently driven to provide corporate solutions for investors and companies worldwide. We service International clients interested in (all-in) company formations and immigration procedures. If you want to start a business in the Netherlands, please contact us today using the contact details on https://intercompanysolutions.com/. We then discuss with you all possibilities to start your business and put the procedure into effect immediately. This way you do not have to wait long to start selling your services and goods in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.